Bamboo electric toothbrush head

Bamboo electric toothbrush head

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The worlds FIRST solid bamboo electric toothbrush head. Truthbrush took two years of development to design a precision-engineered, sustainably sourced bamboo to create a plastic-free head which fits your existing Philips Sonicare* brush.

The beautiful bamboo head has medium 100% castor oil bristles which give the same deep clean feeling. Each packet contains 2 heads - enough for at least 6 months of brushing.  

* Solid bamboo - no hidden plastic core

* 100% castor oil bristles

* Precision engineered

* Fits Philips Sonicare* brushes- no need to buy a new base

* Biodegradable packaging 

Our brush heads are compatible with Philips models: HX9003, HX9013, HX9112, HX9141, HX9172, HX9182, HX9332, HX9340, HX9342, HX9350, HX9352, HX9362, HX9363.