Refillable Window and Glass Cleaning Kit

Refillable Window and Glass Cleaning Kit

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Revolutionize your cleaning routine with Green Llama's Refillable Window and Glass Cleaning Kit. This kit is designed to provide everything you need for brilliantly clean, streak-free windows and glass surfaces, all with a conscious focus on reducing environmental impact.

Our kits now feature our revolutionary WindBlade trigger sprays, crafted from recycled wind turbine blades. These innovative sprays, the first of their kind worldwide, boast enhanced durability due to their fiber glass reinforced design. Inside the kit, you'll find our innovative cleaning tablet, formulated to maximize cleaning and minimize streak, so you only have to clean your windows once. Our natural, powerful ingredients work together to cut through grime, leaving your windows and glass surfaces with a crystal-clear, streak-free shine. The added touch of Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil not only enhances the cleaning process but also leaves a fresh, citrus aroma in its wake.

Includes: 1 spray bottle and 1 packet of cleaning concentrate.