Refillable Bathroom Cleaning Kit

Refillable Bathroom Cleaning Kit

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Introducing the Green Llama Refillable Bathroom Cleaning Kit, your ultimate ally in maintaining a fresh, sparkling clean bathroom while upholding your commitment to environmental sustainability. Our kits now feature our revolutionary WindBlade trigger sprays, crafted from recycled wind turbine blades. These innovative sprays, the first of their kind worldwide, boast enhanced durability due to their fiber glass reinforced design.

This kit features our specially formulated bathroom cleaning tablet, harnessing natural ingredients for a safe clean. Our bathroom formulation is more acidic to work effectively on soap scum, combat lime scale, and leave your bathroom surfaces shining. Our cleaning tablet is infused with Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oils, turning your bathroom cleaning routine into a sensory experience.

Includes: 1 spray bottle and 1 packet of cleaning concentrate.