Refillable All-Purpose Cleaning Kit

Refillable All-Purpose Cleaning Kit

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Embark on a greener cleaning journey with Green Llama's Refillable All-Purpose Cleaning Kit. This comprehensive kit is meticulously designed to deliver exceptional cleaning performance while minimizing environmental impact. Our kits now feature our revolutionary WindBlade trigger sprays, crafted from recycled wind turbine blades. These innovative sprays, the first of their kind worldwide, boast enhanced durability due to their fiberglass reinforced design.

The cornerstone of the kit is our all-purpose cleaning tablet, expertly formulated with natural, non-toxic ingredients against the EPA and EWG databases. Your surfaces will be left impeccably clean and no need to worry about harsh chemicals around your family. The inclusion of Geranium and Lemongrass Essential Oil infuses your home with a refreshing, natural aroma, No synthetic Fragrances here!

Includes: 1 spray bottle and 1 packet of cleaning concentrate.