Emerald and the Elf King

      Emerald and the Elf King

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      If you like a twist on traditional fairytales with a young, strong female role-model, then you'll love Emerald and the Elf King!

      She’s a princess. She’s fifteen years old. She has a wardrobe full of pretty dresses and is next in line for the throne. Life should be perfect, right?

      Not exactly. Emerald longs for adventure, but her parents think she should leave the hero stuff to the boys. She can’t complain about this to her best friend, Maple, because, guess what? Maple’s been banished from the kingdom. Worst of all, she is being forced to marry a prince she barely knows (gross!).

      When Maple returns to beg for help saving her kingdom from an evil elf king, Emerald decides to take matters into her own hands. Armed with a bow and arrow and a fierce desire to prove that a princess can be a hero too, Emerald sets off on the adventure of a lifetime. She quickly finds herself immersed in a world of trolls, unicorns and plenty of magic.

      Will Emerald overcome her own self-doubts and save her best friend’s kingdom? Or will her ambition cost her everything and everyone she’s ever loved? Find out in Emerald and the Elf King.

      All copies will be signed by the author. (Me)