All-Purpose Surface Cleaner - Refill Tablets

All-Purpose Surface Cleaner - Refill Tablets

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Green Llama All-Purpose surface cleaner refill tablets.

TUV certified, compostable packaging, never compromising our health or the environment. Designed to deliver an eco-friendly clean that effectively tackles grease and grime, our refills offer a powerful and sustainable cleaning solution for any surface.

Ingredients. Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Coco Sulfate, Citric Acid, Sorbitol, Sodium Benzoate, LemonGrass and Geranium Essential Oils.

How to use: Simply add the Single All-Purpose refill to 16 oz of water to create a powerful, grease-fighting, and grime-beating cleaning solution. Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Green Llama Single All-Purpose Refill Pod and experience a powerful, eco-friendly cleaning solution for every surface.

One packet equals one refill.